How you helped Aud & El become a reality

“We are thrilled that we can provide our customers with clean, simple aromatics that are Earth friendly and will always create a cozy, warm home.”

Tiffany Williams
Founder & CEO
Aud & El Candle Co.

At Aud & El we  believe that creating an environment, at home or on the go, that is soothing and calming should be a priority in all our lives. A peaceful physical space helps create a peaceful headspace. We live in a chaotic world, always rushing around trying to get things checked off of our to-do lists and that can lead to anxiety, depression, fatigue and other health problems. Our mind and spirit are the core of who we are and if we keep those healthy our body will follow. Self love and self care are an essential part of life and we hope that our products can help you care for yourself in the way that you deserve.

Each year we continue to expand and improve to ensure we are always supplying you with the clean comfort you love.